• ICSE Affiliation Number : PU057/2003

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Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School
Basant Avenue

SRI GURU HARKRISHAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, BASANT AVENUE, AMRITSAR “Be as many-sided as you can; The more facets a diamond has, the more brilliantly it sparkles.” As we approach to the end of this academic year and our 36 years of service towards providing quality education since its inception in 1986, we take this opportunity to thank the Almighty for his abundant blessings and guidance from our patrons, teachers, students and well wishers. The school is nestled in aesthetically architected building amidst serene and peaceful atmosphere. The campus provides all the modern amenities to transform a child from a novice, dependent individual to a successful and independent personality. Our school fosters education coupled with moral and religious values. The aim is “BETTER CITIZENS FOR A BRIGHTER TOMORROW”. We continuously strive for developing students’ skills and qualities which are indispensable to lead a balanced life by coming out of shells and exhibiting unique qualities. A FASCINATING, ENTRALLING AND ABSORBING TOUR OF THE SCHOOL  Source of Spiritual Enlightenment- Gurudwara Sahib & Divine Studies The presence of Gurudwara Sahib has added grandeur and grace to the school campus. It provides a pious ambience that helps in the upliftment of the perching souls and enables the students to grow spiritually. Divinity is an integral and essential part of the school curriculum. Apart from classroom teaching of divinity, students are encouraged to participate in various competitions in Gurmat Quiz, Declamation, Gurbani recitation and Religious trips to historical places.  Hi-tech Computer Zone- Scientific Zone – Language Lab - Projecting Interactivity Information Technology is an integral part of curriculum and we have high tech computer labs, separately for junior and senior students, with 96 computers where one computer for each student is accessible in practical class. To cater to the growing needs of the students to research and polish their scientific temperament, the school has three ultra modern, well equipped labs i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology, whereas the advanced English language lab has been set up to facilitate our young learners to communicate effectively and accurately.  Passport to countless adventures - School Library Library is well stocked with 6,842 books that provide extensive resources at our disposal with enormous holding of materials published in India and abroad. It is replenished every year with fresh collection of fiction, non-fiction, reference books for particular subjects.  The Galaxy of little stars - Playpen & Nursery Wing Nursery wing is a dream come true for parents looking for a place as safe and loving as a home for their little ones. It is a non- formal activity center with stress free environment. It is truly a home away from home for the blooming buds of Playpen and Nursery.  An Arena of activities - The Artistic Skillful Scroll- Art & Craft Room & Music Room Students express and develop their creativity under the guidance and supervision of immensely talented teachers. We motivate our students to take part in many art and craft activities both in and out of school. The school has a full fledged music and dance faculty with a variety of instruments. Music flows like a fresh water stream in the school premises through out the year. Students learn the rudiments of taals and ragas to participate in various competitions.  World of Imagination- Story Telling Lab At Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School Story Telling is an important stepping stone in genius making. It brings alive the super thinking power of a genius and releases the spring of its imagination. Students of Pre- Primary wing swim in a sea of stories everyday; fairy tales, legends, myths or biological stories depending on the age and level of the children thus providing a visual and kinesthetic experience to augment the aural one.  Sports and Games- Trail of strength and stamina Sports at Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School is not just an arena for competition. It plays the much larger role of developing team spirit and sportsmanship. The school has a team of professional coaches and courts for outdoor games like Badminton, Basketball, Table Tennis, Gymnastic, Taekwondo, Gatka, Skating and Fencing. Every year school participates in CKD sports and ICSE inter school competitions and brings laurels to the institution.  Dispensary- Health and Wellness The school maintains a well equipped dispensary (infirmary) under the care of qualified nurse and doctor to look after the medical needs of the children. Glorious journey of our Achievers- The passport to the future............................... It gives us immense pleasure to share the glorious journey of our achievers. The students of class X have maintained the tradition of showing remarkable performance i.e 100 % result in class X – ICSE Examination since March 2005 till date and hoping for the same marvelous performance in the years to come. Eagle Eye – CCTV Cameras CCTV cameras- A school circuit TV having 48 cameras with the LCDs in the principal office have been installed to keep an eagle eye on the school activities.  Every year new infrastructure is added not only to cater to the growing need but also to groom our students. In a short span of time, the school has made strides and is known for its excellence. In a nut shell, our school is an intense school where students and faculty earn respect for working hard on challenging problems. With zeal and dedication of the faculty the school is achieving separate entity and unique position Because “Life offers no greater responsibility, no greater privilege than the raising of next-generation right. We pray to Almighty to give us the strength and courage to enable us to achieve all our endeavors.”