Source of Spiritual Enlightenment- Gurudwara Sahib

The presence of Gurudwara Sahib has added grandeur and grace to the school campus. It provides a pious ambience that helps in the upliftment of the perching souls and enables the students to grow spiritually.By the emission of divine vibrations, we inculcate courage with compassion, integrity with idealism, discipline and proficiency with preservance.

World of Discoveries

Exploring the New Horizons- Hi Tech Computer Zone

The present cyber is making the world smaller day by day, in the realm of education, we can no longer remain complacent or confined to the territorial limits of cities, states or nation. Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School is very well aware of the increased importance of computer skills in society. That’s why information technology is an integral part of curriculum and there are separate high tech computer labs for junior and senior students, a place where the students learn to use a wide variety of software packages. Each student gets an individual personal computer to work on as per their regular time table. The children have supervised access to the Internet. The labs are fully equipped with Pc’s interactive whiteboard and data Projectors. In short, a zone where the budding Bill Gates can enhance their confidence level by getting latest information in the field of information and technology with open access to Internet.

All set to Explore- Scientific Zone (Laboratories)

Science has always fascinated human beings. The inquisitive nature of man has helped to unravel many mysteries around us. To nurture and polish children’s scientific temperament, the school has three ultra modern, well equipped labs i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The laboratories cater to the growing needs of the students to research, experiment and give their subject practical perceptive. The labs encourage students to learn more and provide a platform to nurture the budding scientists. After acquiring scientific knowledge, it inspires them to open their mind to accept new ideas and to apply them. In the times between exams, the children understand projects in science individually or in small groups. The students undertake these with enthusiasm and results are well worth looking at.

World of Knowledge

Reinforcing and Promoting learning- School Library

Library is well stocked with 6,251 books that provide extensive resources at our disposal with enormous holding of materials published in India and abroad. It is replenished every year with fresh collection of fiction, non-fiction, reference books for particular subjects. The librarians assist students pick authors and subjects that best suit their interests, thus inculcating in them the habit of avid reading.

Spice of your Life

The classrooms are modern, airy, well lit and well equipped for comfort, convenience and academic pursuits. Hot case facility is provided throughout the year to develop the taste buds of the students for healthy and hygienic food. Canteen is there to provide nutritious food items at concessional rates. The menus are drawn up by a committee including some students. The menu changes regularly in response to students’, parents’ and staff’s feed back.

World of Values

Harmonious Blend of Ethical Values

Value Education is the corner stone of our culture. It makes our children generate blissful vibrations and how to clear subtle system because life is a journey and takes us down to many winning roads. We all face moral dilemma at every turn of our life. In order to meet such hard challenges, we need a strong foundation of values. To imbibe the same in our students, special classes are arranged to strengthen the character of our blooming buds. The school thrives to make the students able to cope with their adult life with a vision and a set of moral values based on awareness of self-sensitivity to others. A regular period for each class is allotted in the time table to keep the body, mind and soul in perfect health. By this children are re-assured to believe in themselves.

School’s Infirmary

Special care is given to sick and ailing children. Medical room is fully equipped with bed, first aid and other equipments. A trained nurse is deputed to dispense common medicines. General medical check up of the students is done every year and report is sent to the parents for necessary action.

World of Talent

Music Masti Mantra

Music flows like a fresh water stream in the school premises throughout the year. We have a strong music department which teaches Harmonium, Tabla and Ragas. The students learn the rudiments of Taals and Ragas. They perform for the other students during the year and the school prepares a varied programme of music. The school has a long tradition of classical Indian Dance. Dance is an important part of the cultural programme that school prepares every year, with some drama and mime items.

World of Vivid Colours

The Artistic Skillful Scrolls

Children are given opportunity to use different artistic and design techniques for e.g drawing, modelling, painting, weaving with a variety of materials including wood, cloth, paint, clay. They improve their skill by using these materials, mixing colours, sketching, looking at light and perspective. Origami paper folding is another popular item in the curriculum. We also do mould making, plaster, casting and some forays into fabric designing and block printing. In short our art and craft room is a place to enhance creative mantras by optimum utilization of resources. This room gives our budding artists an opportunity to apply their creativity to produce an atmosphere full of vivid colours. The room is successfully generating the aesthetic and creative skills of our budding artists. Our budding artists help the teachers in decorating the classrooms by displaying their creation on the wall because its their space. The result is learning environment that is emotionally, intellectually and psychologically safe.

World of Happiness

A Jewel in the Crown

A comfortable, friendly and caring zone where our young stars learn the world and their environment. They learn to put their needs into words. Our playpen is a non formalactivity centre with fun filled environment. Here, we groom the personality of children between 2-3 yrs. of age through special techniques. Every child has inborn talent and we provide a stimulating environment which enhance all round development of your child. Our curriculum centres around the interest, aptitude and need of your child. We invite you to this galaxy of little stars and have a glance at them.

World of Imagination

Story Telling

At SGHPS, Story Telling is an important stepping stone in genius making. It brings alive the super thinking power of a genius and releases the spring of its imagination. Students of Pre- Primary wing swim in a sea of stories everyday; fairy tales, legends, myths or biographical stories depending on the age and level of the children thus providing a visual and kinesthetic experience to augment the aural one.


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