World of Enthusiasm

A Hub of Activities

A range of activities is provided for children throughout the year. Each year cultural programmes, fetes and fun filled games are organized as part of the annual celebrations. They are designed with creativity, encouraging 100% participation of children and parents. Great planning, organization, team effort go in to make each event better than the last one with the gracious presence of distinguished personalities. Studying in Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School is a great opportunity to discover where talents lie by practicing variety of activities. Our children experience the real essence of Indian culture through enthusiastic celebration of major festivals like Gurupurabs, Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Independence Day, Children’s Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day and so on.

World of Fitness

Trial of Strength and Stamina

Sports at Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School is not just an arena for competition. It plays the much larger role of developing team spirit and sportsmanship. It also preserves an aim to prepare every student in such a way that a child can explore new world and learn through fun and play. The school has a team of professional coaches and courts for outdoor games like Badminton, Basketball, Table Tennis, Gymnastic, Taekwondo, Gatka, Skating and Fencing. Every year school participates in CKD sports and ICSE Inter school competitions and brings laurels to the institution. As an institution, our another vision for sports in the long term is to provide thorough training to the young generation to ensure maximum participation in the Olympic games to be held in the years 2020.

Its only through sports that impressionable youth learn values like discipline, responsibility, punctuality, self confidence, sacrifice and respect for other cultures. Provision of facilities for various sports:

  • Basket Ball
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Kho- Kho
  • Martial Arts
  • Fencing
  • Taekwondo
  • Skating
World of Religious Teachings


Divinity is an integral and essential part of the school curriculum. All students are required to undergo a course in Divinity which is treated as regular subject. Apart from classroom teaching of divinity students are encouraged to participate in various competitions in Gurmat quiz, Declamation, Gurbani recitation and religious trips to historical places. Sehaj Path is performed to invoke the blessings of Almighty for the students appearing for board examination.

Special Instructions for the Sikh Students

Every Sikh student studying in a Sikh Institution is expected to keep his hair and beard intact as envisaged in our religion. No child will be admitted in the school who has got hair or beard or both cut.

You will have to give an undertaking in writing that the child will not cut his hair or beard or both during the course of his study in the school.

World of Freedom

Education beyond the Four Walls

At Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School, we use different types of approaches. Teachers try to use the approach to have a glimpse of multidimensional life outside the school campus. Picnics, outings, educational tours, religious tours are arranged. The importance of such outdoor activities cannot be underestimated as they inculcate the spirit of adventure and love for the beautiful nature and at the same time, such activities prepare the students to face the hardships and challenges of life. Such type of interactions give splendid opportunities for the teachers to get to know their children much better. The real education for life calls for building character, personality, sound value system, team spirit, leadership, responsibility and much more that can be learnt outside the classroom only, most suitable to their children’s need and work in hand.

Curriculum at all levels

The curriculum at elementary level is flexible and activity oriented. The activities designed for them are structured in the form of story telling, dramatization, counting games, group activities, role play, music, art, sport activities and dance shows.

At Primary level, children have learnt to make healthy adjustments in the classroom as well as school, so informal teaching and formal teaching is infused to sharpen creativity, curiosity, competence in solving skills. For grade 1 no formal assessment is done. But from grade 2 onwards, semester system is followed.

At Middle Level, our blooming buds become adolescents. It is a time when they are trying to develop an individual identity of their own. This is a complex time of transition as they face immense emotional upheavals. Understanding this, our teachers take the role of facilitators, guides and friends. The motto is to make them confident learner, therefore the curriculum is centered on excursion, field trips, personality development programmers, sports activities, debates, quizzes and counselling sessions.

At Senior Level our teachers are well organized to their planning for effective management in academic and co-curricular activities. Regular counselling sessions by eminent educationist and counsellors with team of experts are held to help them to get acquainted with various education and vocational opportunities for their happy and bright future.


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